¿Do you know the real whole sea salt from Argentine Patagonia?


Cristal de Mar is a gourmet salt from Argentinian Patagonia.

Our goal is to provide a salt of nutritional quality,

that enhances the flavors, that not only brings a unique flavor and texture to your dishes but is also healthier.

It is an unrefined whole salt, extracted directly from sea water.

It comes in two versions: sea salt crystals and fine sea salt.

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¿Cómo se usa?

Son frágiles cristales que se pueden moler con la mano

Características principales

Brand:Cristal de Mar
Line: Crystal
Net weight:1.5 kg
Type of salt:crystals
Flavor:Sea salt


Are you one of those people who like to eat tasty things but consciously?

Are you interested in knowing where the food you eat comes from?

Would you like to have gourmet sea salt crystals and know that you are adding not only a condiment but a SUPER food that provides nutritional quality?

Do you feel that changing the salt you consume could be essential to improve your beloved ones and your quality of life?

If so, let me tell you:

What is Cristal de Mar whole sea salt?

It is a natural edible sea salt made of sea salt crystals extracted from seawater from Patagonian beaches. In them, apart from sodium, there is an 18% of minerals found in seawater. That is a lot of minerals, more than 80. Calcium, magnesium and potassium stand out among them, due to the importance they have for our nutrition, but there are many more.

This percentage of minerals is what makes it really different, since, and although there are many natural products that contain these minerals, they are not found together in any other food.

That is why we like to highlight that it is not just a condiment, but a food.

How do we produce our sea salt crystals?

The process is completely artisanal. Water is extracted from the sea, it is transferred to the plant and the crystals are made using heat and air currents. Although we work in a controlled environment, to maintain the purity of the water, we try to simulate the natural environment as much as possible, which is why we work with temperatures below 60 degrees. Then, the drying and packaging take place.

How to use our sea salt crystals?

You can broke them with your hands and  used them in any kind of food.  Is better to put them after the cooking is finished, since it helps to maintain more of their properties.

Why sea salt is more expensive than regular table salt?

Many times cheap products turn out expensive in the end. In our case, we carry out artisanal work that leads to a totally natural and differentiated product that helps your health.

Production costs are much higher, but the consumer can verify its origin and quality.

We believe that anyone watching this publication today on a mobile phone or PC and paying an internet service can afford our product. The problem is that we are not used to spend money in a good salt, but perhaps in other things.

A salt that lasts for several months and adds nutritional value to each meal is priceless, a family often spent that money without hesitation on drinks or foods that do not provide nutritional value.


U$D: 135

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